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Interceptive Treatment

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What is Interceptive Treatment and why would I consider it for my child?

Interceptive treatment is an option available to address developing orthodontic problems before all permanent teeth have erupted. Interceptive treatment is not recommended for all children. It is, however, recommended for those children we feel will obtain a better long term result if a short period of treatment (usually lasting 4 to 12 months) is initiated before the permanent premolars and canines enter the mouth. Corrections we consider intercepting include creating space for eruption of all permanent teeth and correcting discrepancies in jaw sizes or alignment. Children who have had interceptive treatment will usually need to wear braces once all permanent teeth have erupted. This stage will be shorter and easier than if no interceptive treatment had been performed. To see some examples of interceptive treamtent go to Treatment Examples toward the end of the page.

Most patients and parents prefer interceptive treatment for the following reasons:

1. The front teeth are aligned early and the child has the benefit of a beautiful smile during those precious formative years when peers can be so critical.

2. Good patient cooperation at this age allows treatment to progress smoothly and allows great treatment results.

3. Corrections obtained with interceptive treatment may be so successful that additional treatment is unnecessary when the remaining permanent teeth come in.

4. Most people would rather be proactive with their care and intercept developing problems rather than allow them to progress into complicated problems that are difficult to treat later.

What if I put off treatment?

The disadvantage of waiting for complete eruption of permanent teeth for someone with a jaw discrepancy or growth abnormality is facing the possibility of a compromised result that may not be as stable. Interceptive treatment may prevent later removal of permanent teeth to correct overcrowding and/or surgical procedures to align the upper and lower jaws. Leaving such a condition untreated until all permanent teeth erupt could result in a jaw discrepancy too severe to achieve an acceptable result with braces alone.

What happens after Interceptive Treatment?

After appliances are removed, the remaining permanent teeth are allowed to erupt while patients wear retainers to maintain corrections. Successful interceptive treatment will have created more room for teeth to find an eruption path. Otherwise, they may become impacted or severely displaced. Patients are monitored once or twice each year during this period and re-evaluated when all permanent teeth are coming in to determine if or when additional treatment is needed.

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